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Jane Silverman Associates is an organizational consulting firm that works with non-profits to help them develop the focus and discipline that leads to organizational success. We provide services in three principal areas – board development and governance, strategic planning, and organizational development.

Jane Silverman has held leadership positions both in management and as a board member in major nonprofit organizations. With over 30 years experience in consulting and management, she has helped complex organizations find creative solutions to their challenges. A founder and former President of Training Management Corporation, a global consulting firm that works with Fortune 500 corporations on cross-cultural communication issues,  she went on to become Executive Director of the Association of Junior Leagues (AJLI), one of the nation’s leading women’s volunteer organizations.

She founded Jane Silverman Associates in 2004 with the goal of helping nonprofits expand their organizational capacity. Her clients include national advocacy groups, international organizations, as well as arts, social service and governmental institutions. She has also served as the Interim Executive Director of Uniting Against Lung Cancer and as Interim Vice President for Development and Grants and Capacity Building of the Ms. Foundation for Women.

Ms. Silverman is a board member of the New Jersey Center for Non-Profits and sits on several other national and local non-profit boards.

Home |  Who We Are | Our Approach


One thought on “Who We Are

  1. Anonymous

    Jane, your web page is beautiful and wonderfully clear. Thank you. This is terrific. ( thought of you at the Symphony
    yesterday when David Krakauer played Klezmer clarinet. . .
    He had the whole house rocking! Both Caren and I missing
    you.). Love for you, Anne

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